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  • About Délice d’Agneau

    Lamb specialities going from charcuterie to feast meals.

    “Délice d’Agneau” stands for lamb specialities going from charcuterie to feast meals, from lamb hams to slices, created by Jannick Meeuw. These products can be served both hot and cold and are suitable for any season. In the past these products have won several golden awards on international trade competitions. For some inspiration you can always take a look at the recipe page.

    dish made by Délice d'Agneau
  • Awards
    Proven quality.

    In the past, the lamb products and their creator, Jannick Meeuw, already received several awards.

    The lamb hams won three times gold on the “Artevelde Cup”, at the International contest “EUROBEEF” they were honored with gold and also at the “Gouwverbond der beenhouwers voor West-Vlaanderen” the products cashed in some prices.

    medailles won by Délice d'Agneau